Here are a few impressions from ym very first attempt at building scenery. I used this diorama to practice some scenery techniques and ideas I had in my mind for use on my future layout. I used Woodlenad Scenics materials and hydrocal for the mountains. The kit is a Pola house. The rolling stock is Atlas.

A branchline freight train is rumbling by the old mansion. A lonesome sailor is hoboing his way back home. The engineer doesn’t seem to mind and cheks some technical problem on his locomotive.

A murky puddle is located lineside. the water has collected next to the tracks. The conductor takes a breath of air hanging from the side of his caboose.

Some deer are watching the scene. lately the disturbances by the old Alco have become sparse as traffic has declined.

If you are a railfan, now would be a good time to run.

Standing inside a tunnel with an Alco Approaching even at slow speed is not a good idea.

Last Update: Mar 1st 2008

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